How To Promote Your Business By Leveraging The Power Of Pinterest

by Steven on July 3, 2012

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Many people have realized the growing market share of social networking sites. People flock to these networks on daily basis to interact with each another; make friends, relate with fans and group members, share interests, and even to keep in touch with family and relations. While starting as a core social platform, most social networks hold several business opportunities that many businesses and entrepreneurs have been taking advantage of. After all, business growth is all about continuously gaining new customers, and where is the best place to meet a handful of prospects? Social networks! Now the newest social network is booming and everybody is jumping in for an early seat.

Facts About Pinterest

Pinterest is a social platform built to provide people with the opportunity to express themselves and relate to others with digital images. This could be photos of interests, work, family related or any other image that is worth a share. Think of this like that finely curved piece of wood on the front end of your room where you pinned photos from your graduation party, those from your last birthday party or perhaps those taken during that award presentation in your company. On Pinterest, the wood on the wall holding the photographs is replaced with a platform called ‘Board’ where all your digital images are shared.

 How Pinterest is Working?

Pinterest is the internet’s new social media crazy with over 4,000% growth the last six months and engagement of 88.3 minutes per visitor. Interesting data! Apparently, it appears that many people actually appreciate enticing photos. We’ve had really striking records with several social networks before; Facebook approaching a billion users, Tumblr sending the highest traffic and many others. But with the engagement features and growth stat of Pinterest, there is no doubt that it has taken a competitive seat in this industry.

Two Things You Must Do While Using Pinterest for Business

Pinterest For BusinessLet the world see your products

This is the most important thing to do if you want people to like and go for whatever item you have in stock. To get the best response from this, create several boards named according to the category of products that you will pin on them. There could be categories like girls, women, men, remodeling, and something like new arrivals, best sellers, etc. This will help highlight your pins and tend to evoke the interests of views.

Don’t forget gifts

We all love free gifts so now you can leverage this to get the attention of more potential customers. When you have created an entry for your pins on Pinterest and added a price tag, it will automatically be included in the gift section where people get gift ideas. Doing this will even allow you to point a link to your webpage through which you can direct an interested viewer to your website.

Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social networking sites that don’t only give you access to a huge community of users but allow you to throw a collection of digital album to entertain and arouse their curiosity. Think of what this is worth to your business? This is one the most fruitful promotion strategies I am currently implementing for my software blog where I share reviews about digital product creation services like Mixbook and Pinnacle.

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