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by Jaydip on July 19, 2012

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We all know how important excel sheet is for SEO purpose. Seo newbie to seo manager everyone has to play with spreadsheet during a day. Micromanagement of things can improve your productivity. I always believe productivity is not something you can get from outside, it is always inside, no matter how effective tool you purchase but if you do not know how to get most of it your productivity is not yet optimum.

During our journey as a seo company we have practised few simple and effective way to get most from Excelsheet. Even If you don’t know excelsheet that much these formula will help in SEO activities. Ofcource Practice Make Man perfect :) so, that is inevitable.

Unfortunately during writing this blog post I realised I have to write way longer post to cover all formulas. Which is time consuming for me at the moment. There are some simple functions, which can be used in various ways. I am starting with very simple…

1) Sorting and SEO

Sorting can be used in 100s way to improve your SEO Performance. Do you know how?

Sorting for Link Analysis / Competitor Analysis

I assume that everyone here knows how to do sorting on excelsheet. So, lets see if you have link report of your competitor xyz company with Page Authority, Domain Authority, Page Rank, external link count etc. in it.

Because of ignorance most of SEO Managers will just pass these kinds of reports to link builders and will instruct them to start building appropriate links. Bam!!! Poor link building expert, he will spend whole day to build go through big reports and at the end of the day only few proper link he will be able to build. Instead of that I would suggest do sorting on PA, DA, PR, External link count rinse and cleanse report of less popular links and start link building. You will have less but quality link prospects. It is very effective way to manage link-building campaign.

Lifesaver, isn’t it? Specially while considering over optimization scenario.

Sorting & Quality Testing

If you have outsourced Link building work to someone else, or if you are senior who is managing seo campaign, it is always your duty to maintain quality of link building.

Lets be realistic every one does bulk submission. And it is as necessary as content. Now consider scenario where you are managing plenty of link building campaigns and you receive many link reports at the end of month, how you will do testing for this?

Testing of Backlinks from Excel sheet deserves whole new blog post :) , but there are some simple ways I am mentioning here Sort your link building report with your desired parameters and have one add-on like CopyallURLs for Mozilla , CopyallURLS for Chrome

So with in few minutes.. You can say…”hey chap you build links in all these websites? Cool!! That’s enough no need to go through all links to check your quality.”

Sometime when you are so busy or you do not have Internet to open these urls. Sorting helps a lot.. .

Sort report first –>  Look for most important websites by scrolling –> check URL

Any experienced person can easily distinguish some wrong submissions by just checking URL.

Sorting & Duplicates

There are many different formulas to find duplicates, but you can use sorting to check duplicate, especially when you want to go through a huge list of sites. Sorting can help you to check quality of list. In Internet marketing world “list are always popular” so sometime people just make fake list to get visits & downloads. By Sorting you can easily find that how many duplicate domains are listed in list and dump that list without wasting time.

2) Removing Duplicates

Yes, First application of removing duplicates is always removing duplicate entries. But I have used removing duplicates for some another purpose and it is for “removing blank rows”

Plenty of reports from various tools have different formats. Sometime all reports are not that professional and it contains plenty of blank rows in between. It sucks when you are going through a huge report with lots of random blank rows. So, when you have large report first thing you need to do is a removing duplicates, it will remove all blank rows (except one) It will save time in unnecessary scrolling. And will help keep concentration on right thing.

3) Proper ()

Always use this while preparing reports. While sending suggestion for Page Title, H1 Tag.. We need first letter capital on suggestions. But it is not always possible that we can do that accurately. So it’s better to use Proper () after preparing all content variation. See example

Title case Excel SEO tip

There are almost 40-50 small excel tips we have practiced and few technical excel tips, which can surely improve productivity in SEO and in project management. I will surely write more tips on Excelsheet and how it can help in SEO.

Meanwhile you can download one great excel plugin from here

India is one of the leading destinations for SEO and Social Media. So please share your best practices to nurture SEO Community in India.

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Krinal Mehta July 19, 2012 at 3:08 pm

Hi Ketan,

Thank you for these awesome tips. I was aware with most of them except the Proper() function, that’s a first for me. We used Shift+F3 in MS Word for different CAPS variations. 


Ricky July 19, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Even distilled has one of the best Excel sheet hacks for SEOs. Excel sheet can come in extremely handy at times. I would love to read more tips on using Excel to manager SEO tasks more efficiently.


PhuongLe August 9, 2012 at 8:27 am

I’ve been collecting Excel tutorials for years and this post lists the most useful (yet, the least geeky) of them: no matter which SEO task you have come across, chances are you’ll find one of the following tutorials handy


Sanjib September 26, 2012 at 10:21 pm

Hi Jaydip,

Excel Sheet is always important for generating reports. Though we are not new to Excel, it was nice reading your post and understanding its importance with respect to SEO.



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